What my patients say is extremely important to my business. Without patient satisfaction, I would not have a business. That’s why Kingston and Teddington Acupuncture is so invested in making sure that patients are happy with the health treatments and services I offer. Take a look at what some my past clients have said about their experiences of working with me.


Before going to Victoria I had years of digestive issues, fatigue and fertility problems without and real known causes.

I was reluctant to try acupuncture but the moment I met Victoria all doubts went. Victoria is such a kind and empathetic person but is also full of Knowledge. She quickly made the links between my diet and lifestyle and my aliments. She recommended foods to nourish my body, lifestyle changes and supplements to take. I almost immediately felt more energised and learned to listen to my body, something I had been ignoring for years, pushing through the stress and fatigue.

The acupuncture treatment itself is honestly one of the best things I have tried. Over time my stress and fatigue have reduced significantly and I am confident that as long as I stick to Victoria's advice and continue on the path of acupuncture (complimenting the traditional medical route) that my longstanding fertility issues will right themselves too. Thank you Victoria for all you have done.



I have been a client of Victoria's for about 4 years having turned to acupuncture as a last resort whilst waiting for NHS fertility treatment due to PCOS, after trying and failing to fall pregnant naturally for some time.  Fast forward to now and I have two wonderful boys aged 3 and 1 whom I firmly believe would not be here if it wasn't for Victoria's treatments and nutritional advice.  

I continued to see Victoria throughout both pregnancies and her treatments were not only relaxing but helped alleviate pregnancy concerns from nausea, back pain to varicose veins, and always left me energised.  

Victoria is an amazing listener and has always taken the time to fully understand the issue I'm hoping to treat, and I never feel rushed.  Whenever I have any health complaints, physically or emotional, I don't hesitate to get in touch with Victoria for a session. I truly believe she has healing hands and to top it all off is a really lovely person!



I had never tried acupuncture before, but my partner and I had been trying to conceive for several months and at 37, I was concerned about my fertility and wanted to try a natural treatment. Victoria makes you feel at ease straight away, and her combination of acupuncture with advice on diet, lifestyle and supplements really boosted my fertility.  After just a few treatments I fell pregnant, after my partner and I had been trying for many months!



I first started seeing Victoria when I was suffering with anxiety. Not only did the acupuncture relieve symptoms, but Victoria's supportive, nurturing manner helped get me back on track.

I have since seen her through successful fertility treatment, through pregnancy, and have also had treatment for carpol tunnel and back ache.

I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for an acupuncturist.



I started coming to see Victoria when trying to conceive my first child, having never had acupuncture before. I found the sessions really helped to support me through the ups and downs and uncertainties. 

Victoria is very knowledgable and has a very natural calming manner which immediately puts you at ease and helps offload anxieties. I always leave sessions with Victoria feeling relaxed and reassured.

I am now pregnant with my second child, having seen Victoria again whilst I was trying to conceive and during the early stages of pregnancy.  I would highly recommend her.



On the recommendation of a friend (another happy customer), I came to see Victoria shortly after suffering an early miscarriage. It was a very low point in my life and the sessions not only helped rebuild my body's strengths, but also gave me a strong feeling of optimism and positivity about the future. As well as acupuncture she was able to recommended helpful books to read, and small adjustments to make my lifestyle, all of which I believe contributed towards becoming pregnant a few months later with a beautiful healthy baby girl. I can not recommend her strongly enough, and I am hugely grateful.



I was talking recently to a friend about acupuncture and how much it helped not only with my anxiety but also believe it definitely helped myself and parter get pregnant. Victoria is very knowledgeable which made me feel in capable hands and her energy really helped me to relax.

Thank you again Victoria, without you I wouldn't have this little miracle who was born on Christmas day!  I would 1000% recommend you!!



Victoria is absolutely lovely and puts you vey much at ease. She is a brilliant listener and has lots of nutrition and lifestyle tips. After a year of trying, we were able to conceive within 2 months of seeing Victoria for acupuncture. I have also recommended her to a friend who had been trying for a similar amount of time and who conceived within in a month or so. I recommend Victoria to anyone I know is trying to conceive - she's absolutely wonderful.



'Energy flows where intention goes'

It takes a special kind of person to make young people feel ok about coming to have acupuncture.  Victoria made my young teenage son feel instantly relaxed, with her tremendous capacity for genuine compassion without being sentimental, and she took to his teenage sense of humour with great wit, grace and patience (that boy can talk!).

Up until this point my son had great trouble falling asleep at night, but on his first session, promptly fell asleep looking like a pin cushion on her treatment table, and that evening and subsequent evenings had deep sleeps.  

I've been to several acupuncturists myself, but I have to say, not only seeing what she did for him, but equally important, how she makes you feel when you come to see her, she's truly the best I've met.  She also treats young people with pressure points if needles are to much, so just give her a call. You'll be glad you did!

Lisa Jolly (very happy customer)


I wanted to thank you Victoria, and let you know that we've welcomed our lovely baby girl into the world. After our last session, I started to feel contractions and realised I was in the early stages of labour. Labour progressed well and quickly and I am sure my weekly pre birth sessions were key to that! Thank you for all your help and support through the pregnancy.



Thank you Victoria for our pre birth sessions. I went into labour on my due date and we had our baby boy after a good labour. Im convinced my acupuncture sessions helped me on my way so wanted to say a huge thank you.



I have been attending Victoria's acupuncture clinic for nearly a year as I suffer from arthritis in my spine and shoulders and was in alot of pain.

The difference is remarkable. The pain has subsided which can only be as a result of treatment and I feel so much better.  Would highly recommend if only for trail.

Mrs S Kingston


I have been going to acupuncture sessions with Victoria on and off now for about four years, having booked a session in the first place quite randomly, at Neal's Yard in Richmond. I suffer from fibromyalgia, as well as general aches and pains, and at times severe pains that get stuck in a particular area. While Acupuncture cannot completely heal the condition, I find the sessions help considerably to aid a healing process and slowly (acupuncture is not a 'quick fix') alleviate serious pain.

Sessions with Victoria are wonderfully smoothing and comforting. She is always caring and supportive. And I must not overlook the benefits of the splendidly relaxing and effective heat lamps she has in her Kingston and Teddington clinics!

I take fewer pains killers than in the past, and I always tell friends that the acupuncture sessions I book from time to time keep me running!


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