Japanese acupuncture for children

Shonishin (children's needle therapy) is a unique and specialised paediatric style of acupuncture that developed over 250 years ago. It recognises that children do not like needles and thus developed specialised treatment techniques, many of which are non-invasive and therefore not frightening to the child. 


A number of instruments have been designed that can be stroked, tapped, pressed, scraped and rubbed on the skin to give different kinds of stimulation. When these simple techniques are applied for short periods of time they have been found effective for a wide range of paediatric problems from babies up to children aged five or older. As the child gets older or the problem is more stubborn to treat, specialised insertion methods can be safely used that are comfortable for the child and parents.


The basic routine can be taught to parents so they can continue treatment at home. This not only reinforces the treatment and frequency of sessions, but also involves the parents so they can actively participate in their child's treatment.